State hikes toll gates fees by 100%

GOVERNMENT has revised toll gates fees with an increment of over 100 percent effective January 1, 2017 Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Ronald Chitotela has since signed the Statutory Instrument that replaces SI 73 in order to legally bring to effect the revised fee. Mr Chitotela told a media briefing at his office yesterday that the entourage of the Head of State, Vice President, Defence Chiefs and all other emergency vehicles (ambulances fire extinguishers cars) by nature will be exempted from paying toll gates fees. He explained that the SI does not exempt Cabinet Ministers and Minister from paying toll gates fees. Mr Chitotela announced that for long distances abnormal loads (single access) would now be paying K500 from K250 in order to discourage them from using road transport to using the railway system. Mr Chitotela said heavy trucks with articulated semi-trailer above 4 axles and heavy trucks interlink above 6axles will now be paying K150 from K60. “Small vehicles (including cars, vans and minibuses up to 15 seats) will now be paying K20 from K10, minibuses (16-30 seats) will be paying K40 from K15. “Buses (above 30 seats) (single access), light trucks and with 2-4 axles (including canter, fuso fighter and tipper trucks) will now be paying K50 from K20,” Mr Chitotela explained. He said government had embarked on a programme of constructing of economic benefit in nature and would have to be maintained with the resources realised from the toll gates. Mr Chitotela has since directed the National Road Fund Agency to immediately start sensitization campaigns so that the road users could become used come January next year. “Going forward as a ministry we shall digitalise the payment system in order to avoid human contact to the money collected. It shall also reduce the time spent by the clients on the total gates,” he said. Mr Chitotela said government was avoiding to borrow money for maintaining roads but instead raise its own resources through the toll gate fees.