Student sues Rusangu university over breach of agreement

FAILURE to adhere to its own terms and conditions have landed Rusangu University into court after a student sued them for abrupt change of the time table contrary to what was contained in the offer and acceptance letters. This is in a matter in which Variant Sikwela was accepted to commence studies as a Bachelor of Science (environmental health) part-time student at Rusangu University, a faith-based institution under the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), for a five-year programme commencing 2014 but only reported in January 2015 due to financial constraints. Mr Sikwela said the school management had originally accepted to adjust the timetable to accommodate his Sunday programmes outside the school calendar, but have forced him to give up his personal programmes as a result. He charged that the school management however refused to change the timetable which included Sunday classes to his disadvantage. “The plaintiff demanded for a copy of the timetable and informed school management that he wanted the programme that did not include attendance of classes on Sundays as the day was reserved for other commitments. “He was assured by the school coordinator for Lusaka campus a madam Atanga Mbuyu Silungwe in the presence of Madam Matongo that the programme he applied for did not include Sundays for evening classes. “They, however, could not immediately release a copy of the timetable as demanded by the plaintiff,” he said. Mr Sikwela explained that despite several attempts to reason with management that he needed a free Sunday to allow him attend to other commitments, the school coordinator actually made fun of his request that “the dilly dallies were meant to buy time so that his tuition fees could be exhausted and that the institution had vibrant lawyers who would defend it if he went to court”. He said he even talked to a Pastor Mumba from the SDA who promised to intervene on his behalf but in vain. “As a result of the defendant’s conduct, the plaintiff has greatly been inconvenienced and has suffered loss due to non-attendance of classes in pursuance of a Bachelor of Science programme because of the abrupt change of the timetable contrary to terms contained in the acceptance letter written to him by the defendants,” he said.