Well done ZRA


Hats off to ZRA. I am very pleased to confirm that the stench emanating from a broken sewer in the area of the ZRA offices has abetted tremendously as a result of the work that ZRA has helped put in place. Thank you for the timely response to providing the service to the wider community. CKM


M’membe faces bankruptcy but…



Fred M’membe may be declared bankrupt in Zambia but I am sure he has got cash stashed away in tax havens as a contingency measure. No stone must be left unturned to retrieve it so that he settles his dues to local creditors. This will prevent others doing the same now or in the future. He has acted with impunity for a long time.  He must be brought to book. Otherwise, the ZRA, DEC and other investigative wings will be setting a bad precedence. Bwalya, Alfred


M’membe’s downfall predicted by President Chiluba



Looking at what Fred M’membe is going through, l remember the words of my late friend President Chiluba (RIP). During the time these people were persecuting late President Chiluba (RIP) my President, my friend kept on telling us that, come rain come sunshine one day M’membe will be overwhelmed with debts that he won’t even know how to honour all that he will owe and that will spell doom to this self-proclaimed Mr Clean. I just wished that my friend was here to see what he foresaw coming true. This is how the world can be. When you become a master at fixing people, remember that the world is also there to fix you. Concerned Citizen


ECL’s loyalty, humility charming



One of the greatest virtue of our President which everyone should understand and emulate within his leadership circles is loyalty and humility .People like him understand themselves far much better, hence they are naturally intelligent to understand people and everything around them. To our cabinet ministers we are very proud of you because every leadership comes from the Lord Jesus but loyalty and humility to his leadership. You shall succeed, because the President is the product of these impeccable virtues. And never take advantage of his leadership because it is destined for a legacy of honour and victory for this great nation, to a great surprise to many. God bless you. Concerned Citizen

Blocked drainages



While it is true that Government, through its agents, the councils, should unblock all clogged drainages to avert flooding, I am at great pains to see the lackadaisical attitude we residents in affected areas treat these public infrastructures. Well, it is the duty of Government to build infrastructure and our responsibility as residents to see to it that such is looked after by applying responsible attitudes not to let anybody in our communities ‘vandalise’ them while we watch. Who blocked the Chitanda Road in Chunga and many places? Common Zambian citizens, think globally but act locally. B. M. Chimbini, Kansenshi, Ndola.


Send ‘lame’ ministers on leave first



President Edgar Lungu has told the investigative wings to probe corrupt ministers and other top government officials. The President should be reminded that you cannot probe a sitting minister. These people should be sent on leave. I have no doubt the President already knows Cabinet ministers who are corrupt. So, it will be wise for him to send them on leave. KM


Yes, land corruption in Ndola is rampant



Ministry of land officials at Ndola offices are corrupt. The rampant corruption in Ndola is not only at the city council but also at Ministry of Lands.  These officers sometimes connive with some council employees. Can the rot at Ministry of Lands also be removed or cleaned. Concerned citizen


Ndola Well done Lusambo


Thank you once more Daily Nation for the wonderful work you are doing. I wish to commend Mr Bowman Lusambo for the stance he has taken to expose the rampant illegal land allocation going on in the Councils on the Copperbelt. He is a very serious man. Mr Lusambo, we are many sympathisers of PF but if you do not punish the culprits , then believe me , your PF time in 2021 will be heading to a fall. We are behind you and do not be intimidated by these selfish cadres who are worried of their own deeds. Can you dig deeper into illegal land allocation where even in some cases land reserved for police posts/clinics have been grabbed by these cadres

. Concerned Zambian Ndola

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