Councilors demand salaries


COUNCILORS deserve a monthly salary just like any other employees because they do a lot of work within their respective community. According to Lusaka Ward 25 Patriotic Front councilor Patrick Salubusu, Government should consider giving salaries to councilors in order to prevent them from engaging in corruption. In an interview yesterday, Mr Salubusu said that the work of a councilor was demanding and that they carried out their duties on a daily basis, hence deserved to draw a salary just like Members of Parliament. “Since we work every day, we deserve a salary like Members of Parliament. We do not dispute to work part time but the Ministry of Local Government and Housing will have to sensitise the wards that our services will no longer be on a 24/7 basis,” he said. Mr Salubusu bemoaned the meagre monthly allowance of K700, stating that it could be one of the factors leading some councilors engaging in illegal land allocations. He explained that the councilors were ready to look for employment in the private sector. However, it was “literally impossible” for an employer to allow a councilor to go and attend to his civic duties while on another job. Mr Salubusu said it was councilors who offered assistance to the community whenever there were funerals, drainage blockages, garbage collection, and could use talk time worth K 100 every day to communicate to people. He further insisted that his demand for salaries was within the confines of the law and Constitution.