FDD suspends Nawakwi impeachment  leaders

A team of FDD members campaigning to impeach their president Edith Nawakwi who is allegedly seeking a constitutional amendment change to allow her to stand for a third term has been suspended for serving interests inimical to the interests of the party. Party president Edith Nawakwi yesterday announced that Mr. Bwalya N’gandu, Chairman of the differently abled persons and his colleagues who were publicly accusing her of secretive maneuvers to defeat the constitution to enable her stand for a third term had been suspended from the party. In a letter dated 4th November addressed to FDD national chairperson, Mr. N’gandu charged that there were illegitimate activities being championed by a group of senior FDD members to cause amendments to the party constitution to circumvent the due powers and functions of the national policy committee to enable Ms. Nawakwi stand for a third term contrary to the existing constitution. Mr. Ng’andu said Ms. Nawakwi’s scheme to amend the FDD constitution and extend her presidential term to 3 terms was a recipe for anarchy within the rank and file of the party and which maneuvers were not in the interest of internal party democracy. However, Ms. Nawakwi yesterday announced that the team masquerading as dissidents had been suspended from the party for disregarding procedure and therefore abrogating discipline. She did not however, comment on reports that she is seeking a third term and has intentions of amending the constitution. Mr. Ng’andu however, noted that the maneuvers to amend the constitution were not only procedural but also lacked merit as they were clandestine and in violation of clear party procedures which did not allow the president to stand for a third term, more so that she had lost all the elections in which she stood