Kalaba recall of  diplomats cheers NGO


RECALLING diplomats over the Auditor General Report queries is a welcome move that will deter individuals from misapplying public funds, Governance Forum executive director Gerard Musonda has said.

Government recently disclosed that several diplomats who failed to follow proper financial regulations and answer queries from the Auditor General’s report had been recalled.

Mr Musonda said President Edgar Lungu and his Government had spoken strongly against corruption, and that the onus is on the people of Zambia to support the move.

He said corruption has robbed Zambia and is responsible for the extreme poverty witnessed in the country, even as the Government has spent colossal sums of money to improve the livelihood of its people.

Mr Musonda said the fight against corruption needed holistic approaches to ensure public funds were used to intended programmes.

He expressed shock at the irregularities revealed in the Auditor General Report, which exposed the abuse of public money by various institutions at the expense of channeling funds to the intended programmes.

Mr Musonda said it was disheartening that people were pocketing public funds when the Government was putting efforts to ensure its people benefitted.

“All those found wanting must be accountable for their financial actions so that it remains a lesson that official powers or positions are not used for personal advantage,” he said.

Looking at the President’s dedication to the fight against corruption in Zambia, Mr Musonda said Government shows a clear political will to curb the vice but the fight against corruption must be supported but the public and other stakeholders.

He appealed to all citizens and residents to resist the temptation of engaging in corruption but instead work hard and uphold integrity, if the fight against corruption was to be realized.