Respect Constitution, Sinkamba tells ministers


THE opposition Green Party has advised ministers to respect the Constitution and adhere to the spirit of constitutionalism.

Party leader Peter Sinkamba said remarks by the Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale that Government will not regard elected mayors and council chairpersons as executive officials were unfortunate.

“The Constitution of Zambia of 2016 in Article 154 prescribes election and term of office for mayors, chairpersons, their deputies and councilors,” Mr Sinkamba said.

He said elected officials should not wield executive powers for their current term of office, as earlier envisaged, unless the decision of Government was challenged by way of seeking interpretation of the Constitution by the Constitutional Court in this regard.

He explained that the Constitution did not however state whether these functionaries shall wield executive powers or not.

Mr Sinkamba alleged that from such a declaration, it was now clear that in so far as the PF government was concerned, mayors and council chairpersons across the country would remain ceremonial.

“In a similar fashion, the Constitution of Zambia does not expressly state anywhere that the President of Zambia shall be the executive president; the President wields executive functions,” he said.

Mr. Sinkamba demanded that the Government should allow mayors, council chairpersons and councillors to perform their constitutional functions as well as enjoy their entitlements without any further delay.

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