Foreign fuel tankers


It is annoying that most, if not all tankers bringing fuel to Zambia, are foreign and yet they are transporting fuel that the Zambian Government has paid for. Why can’t the Government empower Zambians to purchase tankers since we will continue to import fuel for the foreseeable future? This business of allowing foreign oil marketing companies to continue using foreign truckers and drivers is a scandal which the Government must work on as a matter of urgency.

Conrad Bwalya.


Constitutional amendments vital


It is in order that Government considers and passes constitutional amendments to avoid the type of crisis that we confronted in the just ended elections. We do not have the luxury of experimenting with a system that can easily be abused to fan anarchy and lawlessness as witnessed with the demands for the Speaker to take over power because of ambiguous clauses in the Constitution. We should revert to one past the post system that has served us well. Max Sonile



Maize subsidies

Editor, I support the Government’s decision to depoliticise maize by removing the huge subsidy that is given in form of inputs. The money saved should be used on other crops that will bring high returns. There is no way maize will ever bring the type of returns that other high value crops will bring. The new subsidy should be targeted to a small and manageable group of farmers who should be tasked to grow the new products. Manuel Hachipuka


Samfya lacks ZNBC signal


Editor, I

would like to seek clarification from ZNBC management on the non-availability of their signal in Samfya. It is two weeks now when ZNBC television signal went off here in Samfya district of Luapula Province. To my surprise, nothing has been done to bring back the signal. I, therefore, appeal to ZNBC management as a matter of urgency to send their learned engineers to rectify the problem. Otherwise, twacula (we have suffered for too long)

Chitamuka Joel Samfya


It’s time to honour veteran journalists



We have seen presidents in our country honouring defence chiefs, musicians, freedom fighters, chiefs and sports personalities. The question that comes to my mind is why are journalists not honoured? We have veteran journalists who have served this country like Frank Mutubila, Kellys Kaunda, Kenneth Maduma, Doris Mulenga, Francis Ndovi, Margret Zimba, Vernon Mwaanga, Ben Kangwa, Fred M’membe, Richard Sakala, Simon Mwanza, Kelly Chubili and others.

Kennedy Munyemesha, Ndola


Some musicians lack morals


Allow me space in your paper to comment on Zambia’s current crop of musicians. Most of these well-known artistes are involved in ‘dubious activities to win fame’. There are a lot of comedians, gospel artistes, film actors, and yet their acts are contrary to God’s commands. Lastly, General Kanene once sang that “kupanga ndalama sibalesa koma kapangindwe” Observer


Minister of Higher Education


Allow me some space in your paper to express my displeasure in the manner UNZA is handling students with outstanding fees.  What is happening at UNZA in the school of adult education, and most of the colleges in Kitwe, concerning exams leaves much to be desired. I am not happy with this system of denying students, who have paid exams fees to write the examinations, for failure to pay outstanding school fees. Who does not know that many people here in our country are out of employment? Please, Madam Minister, work on this issue before many students are sent back home. Concerned student


Kitwe Create Ndola Water and Sewerage Company



I think the Copperbelt has become too big for one water utility company to effectively service. Probably, Kafubu Water and Sewerage should be unbundled and make it remain for Luanshya, Masaiti and Mpongwe. Therefore, there is need to create Ndola Water and Sewerage Company for the greater city of Ndola only. This is my appeal to the Government.

S Phiri