Men depend on wives for survival-widow

MOST husbands depend on their wives for survival because women work harder than men, Sara Zulu has said. In an interview, Ms Zulu, widow of former Kapoche constituency MP Ben Zulu, said as a member of the Zambia Widows Association, she was impressed to see the way women had taken the lead roles in various families and had stopped depending on men for survival. “I am impressed that women have embraced hard work by involving themselves in various business ventures such as trading in markets.

“They are also joining women clubs where they share certain skills. This is good because most women are able to educate children despite being married to unsupportive husbands who are lazy to work. This is good and I want to urge the women that regardless of how lazy their husbands are, they should respect them,” said Mrs Zulu.

She stated that despite the efforts made by women, some men were abusing the profits their wives were making which often compromised the small business of their spouses. She said it was disheartening that often times, men gave their girlfriends the gifts that should rightly go to their wives. “It would be good if men could become hard workers and use money wisely because by so doing, we shall move somewhere as a nation and families,” she stated. She has further hailed the First Lady Esther Lungu for her work towards women’s rights. “We meet a lot of women and sensitise them on their rights but unfortunately they have continued lagging behind

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  1. Women think they are the only one who are progressive. There is just too much segregation today with women being given an upper hand. Gentlemen masculine women and feminine men is recipe for disaster. Let’s fight for equality and not equity.

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