Peace not just absence of guns – Luo

PEACE is not just the absence of guns but also being free of psychological problems because one’s needs are taken care of, says Higher Education Minister Prof Nkandu Luo. Speaking during the commemoration of World Science Day for Peace and Development at the Northern Technical College in Ndola, Prof Luo said science was an integral part of economic development of the country.

Prof Luo said a country always experienced peace and tranquillity each time there was economic boom. She noted with sadness that the country’s fortunes in science and technology had gone down and challenged the National Science Technical Council to find means and ways of putting up mechanisms to awaken Zambians’ interest in science.

“If the interest has to be propelled especially in the young generation, let it start from homes and not wait for them to get into tertiary education because charity begins at home,” Prof Luo said. “If I want to use politics as one of my agendas from being a scientist and health practitioner and if I sing Dununa Reverse, the whole place would be vibrating but talking science people do not want to take interest.

‘‘I am here not just to talk but to show commitment of Government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu who wants to move development and has the heart for science.” Prof Luo highlighted the Presidents’ speech to the 12th National Assembly on diversification of the economy, agriculture, tourism and industrialization, stating that it required scientific skills for the country to achieve its dreams. She stated that the country was facing challenges in various sectors including the mines because Zambia had not invested in science.

The situation was the same for the agriculture and tourism which she said were not thriving. She said there was need to understand science and technology because all the challenges being faced to develop all the economic sectors were associated with science. Prof Luo said the commemoration of the World Science Day should be the turning point for Zambia in investing in science and technology in its quest to get fully industrialized. She emphasized the linkages between the mining companies and industries as well as the National Science Technology Council. She disclosed that her ministry will be undergoing reforms to make science and vocational research rise to great heights. “I have resolved to make a difference with the higher education sector for the country that is endowed with national resources become a better place,” she said.

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