Today’s text messages

This is for RTSA

Editor, I am concerned about these big buses operating on Lusaka-Chipata road. They move at a very high speed as though they are flying. You cannot even doze. I would like to appeal to the RTSA to check on these buses. It is terrible. These drivers drive as if they have taken some drugs. Mambo Kabaso Retirees cry to Lungu for help Editor, I wish to appeal to President Edgar Lungu to look into our case, the retrenchees and retirees. Since 2003 when we were retrenched by Government, we have been suffering. Please, help us get our dues, some of our friends died years ago leaving their children languishing in poverty and others are now street kids attacking people in Kamwala area around 18:00 hours. Bakateka, help us get our monies, twachula mwee. Bana Mbuzi Chawama


Bravo His Excellency

Editor, I love the way Mr Edgar Lungu acts. He does not just act there and then. He first sees, judges and acts. When he was appointing ministers, he warned them that if anyone will be found wanting, he won’t even worst time but to fire that very person and I am sure this is what transpired on Tuesday. That should set as an example to every Cabinet ministers. Thumbs up Mr President Concerned citizen


Let students write exams

Editor, Our country, Zambia, has proved to be doing bad economically. Since 2014, many people struggle to earn a living.  Families have no school fees, for the reason being that there are no employment opportunities. But I am very disappointed with the behaviour portrayed by these tertiary institutions which are denying students to sit for exams despite paying exam fees. I am appealing to the Minister of Higher Education to look into this issue. Concerned parent Kitwe


From selling scrap metals to millionaires

Editor, Corruption is rife among top government officials. We have ministers who were just selling scrap metals and mealie-meal but today they are millionaires. They have acquired all sorts of properties such as flats, big farms, trucks and they buy cars like tomatoes. We cannot move forward as a nation with this calibre of leaders.   Kennedy   Munyemesha


Amendments to the new constitution

Editor, Hon. Rogers Mwewa is right. The provisions relating to the election and swearing in of the President must be amended, but not in the lines proposed by Hon Mwewa. We cannot make laws out of fear, just to prevent someone to do something. Laws must be made among other things to safeguard the lives and property. (1) The president must be sworn in 7 days after elections. (3) Petitions against the election of president should be commenced 14 days after swearing in of the President. 3) A council by definition is “an organ of state power”. A Member of Parliament should not be at the same time a councillor. He can be an “ex-official member” in the council meetings. He should not even draw allowances let alone propose binding resolutions because they make laws that bind councils. Clement Lusaka


No to Presidential term extension

Editor, I hope that the changes to the Republican Constitution will not be done with selfish motives. The term of office for the President should not be changed. Conflicts in Africa are as a result of leaders changing the Constitution so that they remain in office for a long time or until they die. Just like we did not entertain the third term campaign, we will do the same to any attempt to increase the tenure of the President Rev. Raphael Phiri Kabwe