HH will put Zambia on fire


ZAMBIA will be on fire if HH is not stopped from masquerading as President, warns former UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo.

Mr Lifwekelo told Sunday Nation that the rumours circulating on social media that the International Criminal Court (ICC) were going to nullify President Edgar Lungu’s election after November 23, 2016 were not only a joke of the century but alarming.

“If not handled with care such rumours can cause violence in the country by those being misinformed. Police must take this misinformation seriously and bring the perpetrators to book,” he said.

Mr Lifwekelo said there was need for Zambians to demonstrate a sense of patriotism to the nation, adding that everyone had the responsibility to ensure that the institutions of governance were strengthened and protected.

“There have been alarming statements being posted on social media by some political thugs with a view to alarming the nation such as the withdraw of housing allowances for the police services, increase of ZESCO tariffs and the increase in the fuel pump price which must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves,” he said.

Mr Lifwekelo said the reality was that it was possible to be an effective leader even without occupying any position in society.

Mr Lifwekelo said the law would soon catch up with the perpetrators and culprits risked rotting in jail once caught.

Mr Lifwekelo also noted that the resignation of six UPND vice-presidents in the last 15 years of the party being in the opposition is an indictment on the presidency of the party.

He said it could not be a coincidence for the party to lose six vice-presidents in a period of fifteen years namely Patrick Chisanga, Bob Sichinga, Francis Simenda, Sakwiba Sikota, Richard Kapita and now Dr. Canisius Banda.

“This is not only retrogressive but a clear demonstration of vote of No confidence in the president of the party. As long as the president of UPND is centered on one Wamuyayaya leader, chances of forming government by UPND will continue to evaporate,” he said.