Failure of State companies


Government decision to review the operations of State owned companies is both timely and informative. It shows that Government is equally concerned by the poor performance of companies that are supposed to be leaders in their respective fields. For example, Zamtel which should have been the leader in the telecommunications industry is nowhere near the innovations that private companies are making. I will not be surprised if their balance sheet is emaciated. There is wisdom in what President Frederick Chiluba said that Government should not run business but provide the enabling environment. Let the people run business and you will see the difference.

Enock Soko


Mumbwa water disaster an eye opener


The drying up of the dam supplying water to Mumbwa should remind the nation of the dire circumstances that climate change is wreaking on the globe and our country in particular. Let us wake up to the reality that our earth is drying up. Very soon even our waterbodies will start to shrink. Let us start preparing now.

John Phiri


Yes, bring back SITET


I write in total support of Mr. Jack Phiri who has recommended the re-introduction of the Special Investigations Team on the Economy and Trade (SITET) in the Daily Nation Newspaper dated 2nd November, 2016. This is important as the current anti-corruption institutions have several structural and operational limitations among which is the Constitutional provision that  one is presumed innocent until proved guilty. This legal safety catch allows the corrupt to retain proceeds of corruption and graft through technical arguments. Under SITET, suspected corrupt activities were pro-actively investigated and punitive action swiftly taken against perpetrators. There’s need to understand that corruption in Zambia has become so endemic and second nature among the majority of public workers that it would take surgical and radical interventions to stop it. In any case, history has no evidence of any country that had successfully fought corruption and graft by appealing to public conscience.

Bernard Chisanga


Lusaka Agony is….




Agony is when you desperately wanted to fix someone just to find out that he is the one liquidating your company. Micky, Ndola



M’Membe and the Post


Whatever goes up must come down. The once upon a time untouchable editor thought he knew everything. He insulted citizens including our former presidents with impunity. What has he achieved now? Totally nothing! To the editors of other media houses, try to divert your energies to productive issues and not slander. Indeed no one is above the law. Rodgers


Ndola council land scam sad


It was sad to listen to the 19.00 hours ZNBC news on Thursday and Friday where Copperbelt Minister Mr Bowman Lusambo was telling the town clerk about encroachment of Levy Mwanawasa stadium car park. As far as corruption in land allocation is concerned, that issue is deep rooted. Can action be taken if the town clerk is not aware about such activities? Can the Minister deal with the culprits and whoever will be found wanting. Shame on these selfish people whose agenda is to enrich themselves. If PF wants to remain relevant on the war against corruption, it must sort out that mess at Ndola City Council. Demolition will really affect developers but I encourage them to report culprits who sold them these plots and demand for compensation. Mr. Lusambo, there should be no sacred cows and I challenge you to seek a report in which Kampyongo and Panji Kaunda wrote about its land tribunal findings.   Concerned Zambian


For the ears of President Lungu


This is for our President. How can we talk of corruption while traffic officers are busy being corrupt? Road blocks are everywhere. We can’t just drive freely, we are living as if we are foreigners, driving with fear. Loans for civil servants are being increased, what about the ordinary citizens? Citizen