Luburma traders avoiding to settle rentals


THE impasse surrounding rentals at Luburma’s Shopping World has been misrepresented by a few disgruntled traders who want to manipulate the company to forego their rentals arrears, says China Hainan Zambia Ltd executive director Xu Z. Qiong Commenting on the accusations that the company was billing traders in foreign currency for rentals, Ms. Xu said a few traders at the premise had taken an antagonistic approach over rental demand letters given to them for non-payment of rentals dating as far back as 2014. “If this is the way people want to live, then I am afraid, this will be chasing away genuine investors. China Hainan Zambia Ltd has tried to play a low profile in all this issue but there is too much interference and that is why we have decided to come out in the open and correct the impression that has been created by some traders. It is not all the traders who are defaulting; there is just a number of them who want to politicise this issue so that we can look bad,” Ms. Xu said. The High Court had already decided on the matter that China Hainan should not align the rentals in the dollar currency for tenants whose leases stated otherwise and had further ruled that applicants who had continued to occupy shops during litigation were required to settle their bills whether or not they signed the new leases with China Hainan Zambia Ltd or not.   “With regards to the leases intended to commence after the BoZ notice, China Hainan Zambia Limited shall not align the rentals to the dollar and they shall be payable in Kwacha as stated in the leases and applicable to those applicants who will accept and sign them,” the High Court said. According to records made available to the Daily Nation, some tenants have arrears of rentals since 2014 and are still occupying the shops only on pledges that they would be able to pay. “We have a situation where a tenant has arrears amounting to over K100, 000 but is promising that he will pay, yet he only has goods worth K40, 000 in the shop. How do they expect us to maintain this place? And when we ask them to leave, they rush to the media to claim that they are being victimised in their own country,” Ms. Xu complained.