Zambian driver detained in Mozambique

A TRUCK driver from Sinda in Eastern Province who was hired to deliver hammer mills to Mozambique has been detained in that country whose officials are demanding K4, 000 for his release. The development has angered Chieftainess Nyanje who described the detention of Jefter Banda as ‘‘totally inhuman’’ because Mozambicans had on many occasions been allowed to seek free medical services in Zambia. In an interview at her palace, the traditional leader said the Zambian Government had embraced Mozambicans by allowing them to enter freely and seek medical services, buy groceries and conduct business without hindrance. Chieftainess Nyanje said it was shocking that Mr Banda – who was hired by Mozambicans to deliver hammer mills which were bought in Zambia – should find himself in such a situation. “I am disappointed with the behaviour of our friends in Mozambique because here we allow them free entry to do what they want peacefully; even now you can go to our local hospital you will find a big number of Mozambicans seeking treatment; some are busy buying groceries. “Some even travel to Lusaka without any problem, but on Wednesday the Mozambican

police had the audacity to detain a Zambian driver who was booked by their people to deliver hammer mills to them,” she lamented. Chieftainess Nyanje wondered how Mozambicans would survive if the Zambian Government

became hostile to them. “Now if we and the Government decide not to allow them entry, how are they going to survive because they use our money and Zambian clothes for their survival? It’s possible for us to harden entry policies such that any Mozambican found here in Zambia should be detained,” she said. She explained that Mr Banda, a businessman who worked at Nyanje Day Secondary School as a driver, had been kept in Mozambique without food since his detention. She has written to the Mozambican immigration officers to update her on the offence Mr Banda had committed despite having clearance documents from the same immigration border officials. She also called the district commissioner for Sinda, Paradious Sakala, to find out how the Government could quickly

intervene in the matter. “I am calling you to express my sadness with our neighbours the Mozambican government; we keep them so well here but what they have started doing to our people is not right,’’ the Chieftainess said.