Kitwe PF  councillors  counselled

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COUNCILLORS at Kitwe City Council (KCC) should desist from being antagonistic or arm-twist the Government as they pursue the issue of their emoluments, says Patriotic Front provincial secretary Binwell Mpundu.

Mr Mpundu said the PF councillors should not resort to being antagonistic or arm-twist the Ministry of Local Government when fighting for better conditions, but should  instead find a mature and better way of pursuing the matter.

He was reacting to media reports that councillors in Kitwe and around the country had warned of unspecified action if their salary demands were not met by Government.

The Kitwe councillors, through Buntungwa ward’s William Nyirenda, on Sunday warned of unspecified action if their salary demands were not met because, according to them, under the new Constitution, they were entitled to a salary and not just the current K700 monthly allowance.

But Mr Mpundu said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that while councillors might have a genuine case, the antagonistic or arm-twisting stance they had taken was wrong and that they should find a better way of pursuing their goal.

“It is unfortunate that councillors have decided to take an antagonistic stance in pursuing the issue of their emoluments. Their stance is not only antagonistic but arm-twisting of Government and this is the reason I am urging them to stop behaving as if they are waging a battle against the Government.

“We know the allowances they are getting is nothing to write home about, but in pursuing their grievances, we expect them to do it in a better and mature manner so that even the relevant authorities could feel their humility, but if they take an antagonistic stance, it is difficult to be heard,” Mr Mpundu said.

And insiders at the KCC told the Daily Nation on Sunday that Kitwe deputy mayor Evaristo Chilufya was disappointed and saddened by the statement issued by councillors and allegedly apologized to Kitwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe.

Mr Chilufya officiated at the Remembrance Day ceremony at City Square on Sunday for those who died during the Second World  War but left soon after, leaving the councillors to hold a press briefing where they warned Government of unspecified action if their salary demands were not met.