Lungu needs our support for  Zambia to develop – Osborn


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu needs the support and encouragement from every patriotic and right-thinking Zambian in fighting corruption and other evils that may affect the process of economic recovery and national development, says former Copperbelt Show Society chairman Bill Osborn.

Mr Osborn said President Lungu had demonstrated the desire to fight corruption and other evils affecting economic development and therefore needed the support of Zambians to deal with the scourge.

In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Osborn said that a serious and genuine fight against corruption would go a long way to gain and hold the confidence of the international community.

“The fight against corruption is long overdue and it is good that it is coming out into force again with President Lungu urging the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to double up its efforts. The fight against corruption will win us the confidence of the donor community.

“It is also good that President Lungu has warned his ministers that he would not hesitate to dismiss any of them if found to be involved in corruption. He has set the stage for fighting the scourge, we just hope this fight against corruption will be sustained and supported by all Zambians,” said Mr Osborn.

Mr Osborn urged Government to pay serious attention to developing the agriculture sector on the Copperbelt because it had great potential, especially that the province was blessed with huge tracts of suitable land for farming, good average annual rainfall and plentiful supply of water resources.

Mr Osborn said as some mines began to close down on the Copperbelt, retirees and retrenchees would turn to agriculture as a way of earning a living, hence it was imperative that Government invested in the development of agriculture on the Copperbelt.

“Zambia is slowly beginning to realize that the copper in the ground will not last forever and therefore it is imperative to invest in the future so that there is an economic life beyond copper.

“Agriculture can be for the production of many different crops and livestock and this would then lead on to the processing industry which will be able to provide for the local market and exports. Construction, transport and manufacturing sectors will also benefit from this ramping up of the agriculture sector,” he said.

He also said investment in manufacturing was needed so that quality products could be produced and marketed locally and for export.

He said other areas of possible diversification on the Copperbelt were energy, tourism and entertainment.