1972 UNIP detainee cry to ECL       


I would like to greet you His Excellency Edgar Lungu in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mr President, I am humbly requesting you to intervene in the matter concerning our wrongful incarceration. We were wrongfully detained in 1972 by UNIP government at Mumbwa prison. In September 2013/14, the High Court of Zambia ruled in our favour that we should be compensated but the Attorney General has sat on matter for three good years now. Many of our colleagues have since died due to starvation and arbitrary deprivation of liberty.




ACC, DEC and AFECC should work together


Ngande Mwananjiti’s article of Wednesday November 9, 2016 was right on. In the 2016 Amendment Constitution under Cap 235 the  three(3) Investigative Commissions are established as (a) the Anti-Corruption Commission; (b) the Drug Enforcement Commission; and (c) the Anti-Financial and Economic Crimes Commission. In the fight against Corruption these three institutions do not seem to be working together. Citizens are not aware that the Investigator General’s Office was repealed and replaced by the Public Protector – Cap 243 Other Independent Offices. This Office is more transparent and open to all citizens. They are located on Mwaimwena Road after Pamodzi Hotel at former Gemistar Lodge, Travel and Tours opposite Jacaranda Primary School entrance gate. At last we now have a body that can “police the policeman!” Please read and study the Amended Constitution.

Concerned citizen, Livingstone



TAZ paying casual workers K748



 I am asking the new Labour Minister to investigate the management of Tobacco Association of Zambia (TAZ). I have been working for them for five years and my observation is that it is the worst in terms of paying wages. Imagine the highest paid casual worker is in the range of K748 and sometimes less than that. Tombwe processing company pays its casual workers from K50 to K75 per day whilst TAZ pays K29 per day and there is no overtime. Chinese employers are better off than these people.TAZ management was better when Mr Mbazima the former general manager was in charge.

 Concerned employee



Mutati should leave MMD to Nevers



The evident lacunas needing timely amending is that which allows MMD president to serve simultaneously, as Finance Minister in the PF government. Are Mutati’s “brilliant ideas brewed from MMD manifesto or plagiarised by PF? It is undeniable that no man can serve two masters at one time Except Mutati !  Or else leave MMD to Nevers Mumba, Eric Nawa, Chongwe



Ndola-Lusaka dual carriage way welcome


I would like to comment on the PF’s plans in the road sector. I am particularly happy that government is planning to build the Ndola -Lusaka dual carriage way. This is good development. Keep it up.

Pius Chinena, Chibombo



Traffic police corrupt


I wish to comment on the behaviour of our traffic police officers. These officers are too corrupt. We cannot have so many road blocks every 100 metres as if you have turned  this great nation into a police state .   I am appealing to the Inspector General of Police Joshua Kanganja to put his house in order. Cashman



Please, reduce the cost of living


Allow me to advise our President that he shouldn’t allow some selfish PF leaders to dig the grave of PF but instead help reduce mealie-meal prices and other commodities. When President Michael Sata won we felt appreciated because he increased salaries, reduced fuel prices , and then he removed subsides on mealie-meal. Ms Bwembya Mulumba Lusaka