I use my money to  fund FDD-Nawakwi 

edith nawakwi 2

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has said that she is not answerable to anyone on issues of campaign finance because she used her own money to pay election expenses. 

In an interview yesterday, Ms Nawakwi wondered why some officials in the Forum for Democracy and Development wanted her to consult with them before using party finances during the campaigns when she was the sole funder of the party.

Ms Nawakwi disclosed that she alone paid for accommodation, food, and hiring of vehicles when the parliamentary candidates went to campaign in the constituencies.

She disclosed that her party was in a debt of up to K3 million to transporters but that none of the other party members were helping her pay off the debt.

“None of the members have contributed any money in the last 16 years, and today, they say I was supposed to consult them before using the party money. That is all my money and I was even the one paying for their campaigns and feeding them when they were in the field,” said Ms Nawakwi.

FDD Lusaka Province chairman James Musemuna has dispelled Ms Nawakwi’s claims, insisting that most of the members especially those in the National Policy Committee had been contributing to the party.

He disclosed that there were also sponsors who had been supporting the party, adding that there was no way Ms Nawakwi could fund FDD by herself.

Mr Musemuna also claimed that FDD would survive even without Ms Nawakwi and that it was not dependant on one person.

He said that the party should go to a convention and that the plan by some senior members to amend the party constitution was illegal.

Mr Musemuna also demanded the return of all the members who were recently suspended from the party, so that they could participate in the convention.