Woman who ran over husband appears in court

Lady Justice outside the High Court in Lusaka

THE Lusaka woman who ran over her husband after a domestic dispute has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate Court for explanation of the charge.

Jacqueline Musendwa, 36, appeared before Magistrate Humphrey Chitalu who explained her charge and further explained to her that she could not take plea because the matter was beyond the jurisdiction of the subordinate court. He explained that she would continue appearing before the subordinate court as it awaited instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on how to proceed.

Musendwa is alleged to have killed her husband identified as Kosi Milumbe aged 38, also of Makeni area following a marital dispute.

The matter came up for explanation of the charge before Magistrate Chitalu and Musendwa was asked whether she understood the charge, to which she responded in the affirmative.

She remains in custody.

Particulars of the matter were that Musendwa on 28 October 2016 was believed to have run over her husband, Mulimbe, 38, after a dispute erupted following the couple’s separation.

It was said that Musendwa had abandoned her matrimonial home leaving her children behind, but that on the fateful day, around 1900 hours, she went to  the house with the intension of getting her children but a fight ensued which lead to the death of her husband.

And according to police report, Musendwa, while driving a Nissan Premia registration number ALL 5877 wanted to drive off with the children but the husband cling to the window and tried to grab the children from the vehicle.

Police explained that he pushed his body half way through the rear window into the moving vehicle but the wife sped off dragging him for several meters before he fell off and as she turned, she run him over leaving him with two broken ribs, head injuries and a broken leg.

The body was discovered by members of the public from the neighbourhood who reported the incident to Makeni Police Station.

The matter comes up on November 28, 2016.