China-Africa Cotton pumps in U$50m in tourism industry


By Nation Reporter

PLANS to build a Ferris wheel in Livingstone at the mighty Victoria Falls at the approximate height of 90 meters at a total cost of U$50 million have been announced.

This was at the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between CHINA-Africa Cotton Development Limited and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts.

China-Africa Development Limited chairman Wang Chuanguan said the project would include the building of some recreational equipment and a hotel.

Speaking during the signing of an MoU of the project between the Chinse firm and the Ministry of Tourism, Mr Wang said after the completion of the project  the company would further enhance the popularity of Livingstone by bringing prominent tourist.

He said the project would increase tax collection for the Government, create more jobs for the local people, attract more global attention to Livingstone and bring development opportunities in the tourist capital.

“Once completed, the project will enable tourists appreciate the whole scene of Victoria Falls,” Mr Chuanguan said.

And permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Stephen Mwansa said the signing of the MoU had come at a time when President Edgar Lungu, during the official opening of Parliament, said he wanted tourism to be given a place as a key developmental sector in Zambia’s economic growth.

He said that last week Finance Minister Felix Mutati highlighted in Parliament during his 2017 national Budget presentation the importance of tourism to economic growth and singled out Livingstone as one of the towns earmarked to be built as a preferred tourism destination in the region.