Toll gates long overdue-Ililonga

ZAMBIA Consumer Association (ZACA) executive director Muyunda Ililonga says the introduction of toll gates on the country’s highways in the country has been long overdue. Mr.Muyunda said ZACA believed Toll Gates and Weigh-Bridges were the only solution to maintaining road infrastructure. “A number of countries in the SADC region have had their Toll Gates and Weigh-Bridges working well they have managed to maintain roads because whatever they realize is strictly made for maintenance. All what the PF government needs to do is whatever money is  realized is strictly meant for maintenance of roads and prudently use of the funds need to be put in the place to avoid abuse”, Mr Ililonga said. Mr.Ililonga said in the last 50 years, the country had failed to maintain and rehabilitate damaged roads because of lack of capacity and money because often, resources had come from the treasury for the maintenance of the road infrastructure in the country. He stated that the flagship of robust road construction by the Patriotic Front (PF) government launching the link Zambia 8000 and pave Zambia 2000, the exercise has brought hope of country housing better infrastructure. “Toll gates is one of most innovative and sustainable forms of road pricing typically implemented to help recoup the cost of road construction and maintenance. Mr.Muyunda has stated that with such innovations the country was headed to great positive pathways to economic transform.