UPND will rise – GBM



THE United Party for National Development (UPND) will rise from its minor setbacks and take over the governance of the country and the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu will have to account for their actions when the time comes, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

Meanwhile, Mutinta Mazoka M’membe, the wife of former Post Newspaper owner Fred, was yesterday summoned by the police over the publication of The Mast Newspaper for which Post Newspaper liquidator Lewis Mosho has complained to the police for copyright infringement.

Mr Mwamba has accused President Lungu, former president Rupiah Banda and Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala of having persecuted and victimized the UPND and its leadership.

Mr Mwamba, who had gone to Police Headquarters in Lusaka yesterday to offer solidarity to Mrs M’membe, said politics had a lifespan and that President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) would soon leave power and would have to account for their political sins.

He told journalists that the PF government was allegedly perceiving every citizen who was genuinely criticizing its leadership as an enemy of the State and should therefore be silenced.

Mr Mwamba, who was at Police HQ along with former Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo, Mr and Mrs M’membe and UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe, said politics had a short life lifespan and that soon, President Lungu and the PF would be out of Government and would be made to account for their actions.

The UPND vice-president for administration said he and Mr Hichilema were currently appearing in the courts of law under a range of what he termed politically trumped up charges but that time would come when those in Government would have to atone for their political sins.

“I know Richard (Sakala) must be happy with what is happening to us. He has ganged up with President Lungu and Rupiah Banda to persecute me and Mr Hichilema. But tell him that politics has a lifespan and I will make sure I buy the Daily Nation and burn it because it will have no value to me.

‘‘I am currently appearing before the courts of law on politically trumped up charges but time will come when those who are persecuting us will have to account for their actions,” Mr Mwamba said.

Meanwhile, Mutinta claimed she was shocked that the police had summoned her over the publication of the Mast Newspaper which appeared after the closure of the Post.

Police yesterday summoned Mrs M’membe and recorded a warn and caution statement from her on copyright infringement allegations after the provisional Post liquidator Lewis Mosho had lodged a complaint against the Mast for which Mrs M’membe is a director.

She told journalists at Police HQ that she had followed the law to the book in registering her newspaper and wondered why Mr Mosho had complained against her on allegations that she was breaching the copyright law against The Post.

She claimed that the PF government was an oppressive regime that was determined to clamp down on all media houses that had an independent editorial content.

She said if the Mast was one of the media houses praising Government, the State would have allowed the publication to continue with its business.