‘Caring fathers key to girl child’s education prospects’


GOOD parental care particularly from fathers will help reduce mass school dropouts among girls, child labour ambassador Samuel Mutambo has said.

Mr. Mutambo said male parents had a vital role to play in promoting girl-child education.

He noted that in most cases, girls were so close to their fathers and that proper care and love from their male parents would boost their confidence towards education.

“Good care and love from a male parent would motivate a girl-child to work hard at school, hence help in the reduction of school dropouts among girls; so fathers have a big role to play in this,” Mr. Mutambo said.

He also exhorted mothers to avoid negative tendencies that would induce fathers to abandon their social responsibilities towards the education of the girl-child.

Mr. Mutambo said it was incumbent upon women to show respect, love and humility to their husbands so that they would not neglect their responsibilities.

“Sometimes if wives respect their husbands, they would probably not neglect their responsibilities to care for their children especially the girls; so mothers have a role to play in this as well, by being submissive,” she said.

Mr. Mutambo noted that majority of fathers stopped giving proper parental care to their children, especially the girl-child, upon the breakdown of marriages.

He urged fathers to be responsible and push their daughters to get an education so that they could be responsible in the future and contribute to national development.

He advised them to give utmost attention to the development of girl children by providing them with sound and qualitative education.

“You know fathers have that authority in them when they speak, so it’s important that they also keep an eye on the movement of their children, and cultivate a habit of paying them regular visits at their school so as to ascertain the level of their seriousness and the company they are keeping,” he said.