Crooks swindling people in Fr. Chilinda’s name


RENOWNED Catholic cleric Charles Chilinda has expressed concern at a scam by some unknown people going round asking for money in his name.

Father Chilinda said the imposters are targeting influential people in society including company directors and members of Parliament among others from whom they asked for money in his name.

He said several people have called his mobile number to confirm if he was the one who earlier called on a strange number to ask for financial assistance.

“I know that there are some people going round swindling innocent people by claiming to be me (Fr Chilinda) and that I am stranded. They are asking for money to be sent to me through Zoona.

“This is not the first time someone is using my name to crook people out of their money as somebody previously managed to get up to K100, 000 from ministers and MPs among the targeted people,” he said.

Father Chilinda said in the current episode, the imposter has been asking people for up to K3, 500 claiming that I was stranded at Kazungula and needed to clear a vehicle at the border.

The clergyman explained that he did not ask for money from anybody at church or outside church, but that if it did happen, he would never do it over the telephone.

He explained that he had already reported the matter to police and that investigations were instituted to try and trace the phone numbers so far connected to the dubious scheme.

The Catholic clergy said previously, a man was arrested and sentenced for impersonation after he was found using Father Chilinda’s name to get money from unsuspecting members of the public.

He has since advised those who have been called upon for such a request to disregard it, and to report the phone numbers to the police.