The race to NIPASU presidency heats up


THE race to the helm of the students’ union at National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) is heating up with only a day left before the students head to the polls to decide who among the five candidates will be facing management on their behalf.

The students are fired up as they campaign for their preferred candidate in readiness for tomorrow’s elections while the candidates are ready to legally stash out huge amounts of money to get to the helm of the union.

A check by the Daily Nation found dozens of students at the main campus in a cheerful mood and celebrating by playing loud music in every corner of the college.

One of the contestants Joseph Busenga, a law student, hired a sensational Zambian artiste ‘Wils’ to entertain his supporters at the main campus last Saturday night. Mr Busenga revealed that the past three weeks had been occupied by celebratory activities as the students campaigned on the two campuses.

Mr Busenga, who is also studying ZICA licentiate, has spent over K10, 000 on campaign materials and has since promised to lobby for a fully-fledged clinic at the main campus.

He explained that he would work on improving educational activities by coming up with associations to represent all fields of study.

And another candidate Henry Soko a third year law student said that once elected as president, he would ensure that the union was registered to give it more power.

Mr Soko also promised to ensure proper sanitation and advocate for a clinic that would be operate for 24 hours.

He said that he would make sure the library was also open for 24 hours and call for the establishment of the school council that would oversee the operations of the union.

“Once elected president, I will ensure that the union is registered to give it more power. I will ensure proper sanitation and advocate for a clinic that would be operational for 24 hours,” said Mr Soko.

Meanwhile, Chishiba Sadoki vying for the vice-president position disclosed that his main target when voted into office would be to deal with the inefficient security system.

Mr Sadoki stressed the need to uphold the name of the institution and ensure the well-being of the students.