Where is the new minimum wage?


When will the Labour Minister give us a new minimum wage because we are now suffering due to the high cost of living? Imagine a person is getting K1, 000 and he is looking after 10 people. We need to see you working madam and hope your offices are not corrupt as they used to be.

  1. Chisamba



 Nawakwi, remember how you treated Chiluba on

 3rd term bid


I refer to a text message written by my traditional cousin Josiah Soko on “Edith Nawakwi and third term” (Daily Nation Nov 14). Mbuya bamama Nawakwi has forgotten what she did to Dr Chiluba’s third term. This is the problem when people choose to hate somebody for the sake of it. She failed to look at her party constitution and see what it says on the party presidency. All that she was seeing was the bad in Chiluba. It is a circus at its best.





Ng’ombe route passengers overcharged


Allow me space in your paper to complain over unfair bus fares being charged especially on the Ng’ombe route where passengers are being charged K7 instead of K660. I am appealing to the relevant authorities to look into this matter with the seriousness it deserves. This is day light robbery from the poor passengers.

Concerned passenger




Simukoko should start  working


Yes, it is high time the Labour Minister started working as she promised. You should investigate treatment of workers by Lebanese firms. Don’t send officers who are hungry for money because there is nothing they can do.

Concerned worker





Medical staff too rude to patients


Allow me to say something about those UTH health workers who were on duty when our mother gave birth of the floor of the reception. Our immediate task is to sort out the indiscipline among the medical staff by enforcing the medical code of conduct. No matter how many hospitals Government can build, as long as this attitude towards patients continues, our people will continue to suffer. Urgently bring culprits to account.

Jack Phiri





Message for Wedson Nyirenda


Please, allow me space in your paper to comment on the Zambia national soccer team. Mr Wedson Nyirenda, please remove Kabaso Chongo. Then try to call Musonda Joseph, Felix Katongo and Jemba Jemba. If you see this team doing well, don’t waste time to substitute anyone making mistakes and also don’t put a professional on a bench.





Put traffic lights on Commonwealth Road


It was a very prolific move by the Government to widen Commonwealth Road to ease the flow of traffic. But the question is; are human lives safe? On Saturday night, as I was driving on this road to Lilanda, I nearly hit two pedestrians. Thank God the accident didn’t happen. I appeal to Lusaka City Council or RDA to intervene and ensure that rational decisions are put in place. This will help save lives for both pedestrians and motorists this festive season in Matero. God Bless Matero!

Darlington Mukupa