It’s time for hard work-Mutati


IT IS time for Zambians to work and be practical, not just signing cheques in offices without knowing what is happening on the ground, says Finance Minister Felix Mutati.

Mr Mutati said he had visited various ministries to engage with them on various issues so that all the challenges being faced were on practical basis.

He said the Government was working under a new approach which was to be practical, and that days were gone of working in silence and isolation.

Mr Mutati said ministers should be on the ground to learn and tackle real issues and challenges if they were to deliver and end the challenges.

“We can resolve the challenges if we leave those offices and be on the ground to deal with real issues because we have spoken enough and it is time to work and put into practice what we have said,” he said.

He said the only way to move the economy forward was to address areas that provided services, and open a new page.

Mr Mutati said the Ministry of Finance would work hard to release funds for various projects and that the onus would remain on the other ministries to ensure works were done according to schedule.

And Mr Mutati said his ministry had secured K1 billion to be released this week to pay contractors and suppliers to ensure all their arrears owed by Government were addressed.

The money would be shared among three ministries – Health, Education and Infrastructure – as a way of moving forward to address some of the challenges that might have affected the three sectors.

He said the Government would try to find more resources and ensure his ministry took action in a bid to develop the country.

“The intention is that by the end of the year we want to turn the wheel because we have spoken enough and it is time to work; that is why we are wandering around so that we can get to the bottom of the situation if we were to move forward,” he said.