ZWMA corrects Tazama offloading meters


THE Zambia Weights and Measures Agency have adjusted some of the TAZAMA offloading meters that were found to be reading less than the delivered quantity.

ZWMA chief executive officer Himba Cheelo said during its re-verification exercise, the test revealed that four out of six TAZAMA offloading meters tested were found to be ‘‘overthrowing’’ or reading less than the delivered quantity.

Three out of the four meters that were overthrowing were used to offload diesel while the fourth meter was used for petrol.

Ms Cheelo said the agency had first undertaken visual inspections of all the meters to establish if they had been manipulated or tampered with since the last verification exercise that was carried out between July and September this year.

She said the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) needed to be supported by all in order to achieve the desired results of verifying accuracy for all weighing and measuring instruments that were used in trade and check weighing of prepackaged commodities for correct quantities.

Ms Cheelo said the meters were now adjusted and brought within the acceptable Government tolerances and re-verified and sealed.

“After the visual inspections, the offloading meters were tested for accuracy using the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency master meter,” she said.

She said the process was witnessed by all the interested parties including but not limited to Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia, Zambia Union of Tankers Drivers and Allied Workers, TAZAMA officials and independent inspectors.

“The re-verification of all meters was successfully concluded to the satisfaction of all parties and signed off ahead of time,” she said.

The ZWMA ensures fair trade in transactions where measurements are involved and it provides consumer protection in commercial transactions that requires accurate measurement by seller.