Elijah Ngwale eulogies Daily Nation


Goodwill Ambassador for Persons with Disabilities, Elijah Ngwale commends Daily Nation for having ably covered the 2017 discriminatory budget against Persons with Disabilities. I am pleading with Daily Nation newspaper to continue championing the cause of us persons with disabilities.

Elijah Ngwale


Where are the 500, 000 jobs?

Editor, In 2015 the government through the ministry of youth and sport launched a youth policy (the youth employment and empowerment action plan) which they said would create more than 500,000 jobs for the youth before the end of 2016. As you are aware we are now in the evening of the year 2016, there is no progress report from the ministry to determine whether it is bearing fruits or not .I therefore appeal to the authority at the ministry in charge of youth development to kindly inform and enlighten us on the successes that has been scored with regard to this policy.

Chitamuka Joel Samfya


Investigations do not entail one is guilty


Personally, former Information minister Mr .Kambwili is disappointing me because investigation doesn’t make one guilty. I have seen people being investigated and cleared at once. I, therefore, feel he has to let them do their job. He can still stand to testify, because other cases are being instigated by bad media which is enjoying creating hatred among people and cannot stand to help prove his innocence. Good media has saved so many people from being jailed, but this time, many people are jailed or many left languishing because of bad media



Reduce road blocks in Lusaka


There is also need to reduce the road blocks within the city of Lusaka and some sort of control has to be brought on the minibuses on Freedom Way around Kulima Tower .They behave as though they own the road .They cover all the lanes and just stop on the road for as long as they want, not least worrying about the congestion they are causing. I appeal to RTSA to look into this matter.


Councillors in rural areas deserve decent salaries

Editor, In my opinion l would say, councillors in rural areas deserve better salaries because they don’t sell land. The land is in the hands of chiefs unlike in town where councillors are richer than an MP. They sell plots at will, one Plot can be sold to more than three people. By the time the council realizes, it will be too late. So no increment should be given to them.

Hendrix Chileshe


Dr Banda free to form his own party


Dr. Canicious Banda, why reduce yourself so low. Find something better to do. Wake up and start up your own party or firm. UPND is now a national party with all regions well represented. There is a saying that don’t insult or mess up where you are coming from because you don’t know where you are going. One day you may want to go back. Politics is a circle game.



Agric ministry needs specialised personnel


Zambia needs a serious minded agriculture minister because it is a nerve centre for the country’s development. Personally I wanted President Lungu to appoint someone who is specialised in the field of agriculture. Dr Chance Kabaghe can fit in that ministry very well. Kabanghe also served as executive director at Food Reserve Agency. Apart from serving in various positions he is also into farming.

Kennedy Munyemesha


 Complaint to ZESCO


Allow me to write this complaint over some big companies like ZESCO. From 2011 I have been writing application letters to ZESCO without any feedback. Even a negative answer would make sense. Yet we see student electricians getting jobs in ZESCO.

Chisanga Kachinga