Attorney General refuses to be part of Sata’s estate case


ATTORNEY General Likando Kalaluka has nothing to do with the sharing of the late president Michael Sata’s estate, says High Court Justice Petronella Ngulube. This was in a ruling in which Petronella Mpundu, as next friend on behalf of Mukupa Sata and Salome Sata, dragged former First Lady, Christine Kaseba, to court over the distribution of the late President’s estate. Ms Mpundu sued Dr Kaseba as first defendant, Mulenga Sata as second defendant, and the Attorney General as the third defendant for alleged lack of transparency in the sharing of both property and money. But State Counsel Kalaluka in his application to be disjoined to the matter argued that the matter was of a private nature as it involved members of a family as opposed to the public service. He argued that his role as Attorney General was to handle administrative issues of the estate, and not the actual distribution involving individuals, and that the sharing of the late president’s personal belongings including money was a private matter outside public interest. And Justice Ngulube in her ruling indicated that only relevant parties were to take part in the proceedings of the case before her court, that it would avoid inconvenience and tardiness to ensure all issues were dealt with effectively. “A detailed perusal of the originating process indicates that this matter is purely founded on Estate Administration hence the reliance on the Intestate Succession Act as well as the commencement of the matter under Order 30 (12) of the High Court Rules. “Further, according to section 22 of the Intestate Succession Act, the Court appointed Administrators are clothed with the duty of accounting for the distribution of the estate and not the employers as the applicants have sought to argue,” she said. Based on the facts before her, Justice Ngulube ordered that the Attorney General be disjoined from the matter forthwith. Ms Mpundu has accused the two administrators, Dr Kaseba and Mulenga Sata, of being secretive of the full value of the estate and that what they have allocated her children, Mukupa and Salome, was not the true value of what they were entitled to. She has also claimed to have been legally married to Mr Sata and hence demanded for full benefits as a surviving spouse.