Govt acts to prevent cholera outbreaks


GOVERNMENT has put in place preventive measures to prevent cholera outbreaks in the country during the rainy season, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has said. He pointed out access to clean drinking water as the major intervention Government had taken. About 723 cholera cases were recorded in the previous rainy season, resulting in 16 deaths. Dr. Chilufya said Government was doing everything possible to avert any more cholera outbreaks. He said Government was working closely with stakeholders to ensure that people have access to clean drinking water. “We are doing everything possible to ensure that we do not have cholera outbreaks during this rainy season and in order to achieve this, we want to ensure that we address issues of want. We want people to have access to clean drinking water; that is why the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Development has been created. “We believe that access to clean water is a major intervention in addressing the issue of cholera outbreaks in the country. So far we are working hand in hand with stakeholders like the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) in ensuring that all Zambians access clean drinking water,” Dr. Chilufya said. He also urged the public to take steps to prevent cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases. Dr. Chilufya gave examples such as seeking immediate medical attention for symptoms, observing personal and community hygiene, boiling or treating drinking water as well as cooking food thoroughly and eating it while it was still hot. “Vigilance should be maintained, the general public also have a role to play; they must also take preventive measures by ensuring that they observe hygiene both at personal and community level, drink safe water and eat clean food,” he said