‘Cut ministers’ salaries to show sacrifice’


MINISTERS must have their salaries and allowances reduced to save national resources as the Government embarks on a recovery economic plan to resuscitate the economy, says Chingola Rainbow Party member Joseph Kangwa.

“I am appealing to Government to look into the possibility of reducing the hefty allowances the ministers are getting so that we can all share the recovery plan burden,” said Mr Kangwa, who recently ran unsuccessfully for ward councillor.

Mr Kangwa said the increase in fuel prices had made life difficult for ordinary people, and therefore it was imperative that the burden became a shared responsibility with the duty bearers.

“The ordinary citizens and the public willbear the pain on removal of subsidies, which the ministers also should show leadership to share with the communities, just like other leaders in some African countries and other parts of the world who are forgoing their salaries and emoluments to serve communities,” he said. He said the cost of living continues to increase because of the measures Government put in place to invigorate the economy. Mr Kangwa hoped the resources that would be generated from the proposed recovery plan would be used for the intended programmes to the benefit of citizens, as opposed to misapplication of funds by some individuals. He said it was sad that the Government was losing colossal sums of money in trying to develop the country which ended up in wrong hands who used the money for their personal gain.