Eric Chanda denies NAPSA charge


FOURTH Revolution party president Eric Chanda has landed in court on charges of failing to remit employee pension contributions to the National Pensions Scheme Authority.

Mr Chanda appeared as personal assistant to the director at Cidel Plastics, a company that has been dragged to court by NAPSA on alleged failure to produce company registers of details of eligible employees.

Mr Chanda pleaded not guilty to the charges when he appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Thandiso Chabala.

Cidel Plastics is a local company which was forewarned about their failure to provide the required documentation to NAPSA, but neglected to comply with the provisions of Section 7(5) and (7) as read with Section 5 (1) and (F) of the National Pension Scheme Authority Act no. 40 of 1996.

Particulars of the offence were that between 26th July, 2016 and 10th August, 2016 in Lusaka, a registered employer allocated with Account Number 1241475 failed to produce documents in form of payrolls without lawful excuse, for the periods January 2011 to June 2016 in respect of the eligible employees.  The matter comes up on December 7, 2016, for possible commencement of trial.