Hubby moves matrimonial bed to the  sitting room


A LUSAKA housewife narrated before a Local Court that her husband took the matrimonial bed to the sitting room and did not want her to take it back to the main bedroom.

This is in a case in which Beatrice Lisiku, 24, of Kanyama compound sued her husband, Lemmy Mateta, 29, of Zani Muone compound for divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and have one child.

Lisiku told Senior Court Magistrate Miyanda Banda sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that they were in the same court on November 2, for reconciliation and that Mateta told the court that he still loved her not knowing that he had burnt her clothes at home.

She explained that when they reached home Mateta changed the story and said that he did not love her.

The couple had been on separation for a week.

Lisiku further said that Mateta had a girlfriend.

In defence, Mateta said that he brought the matrimonial bed in the sitting room because after Lisiku went to her parents she could not sweep the two rooms, so he opted to using the sitting room.

He explained that Lisiku’s mother had a lot of influence on his wife because whenever he felt like not eating Lisiku would phone her mother to tell her that may be he had eaten at his girlfriend’s home.

He admitted burning Lisiku’s clothes.

Magistrate Banda noted that there was no love between Mateta and Lisiku.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Mateta to compensate Lisiku K5, 000 with initial payment of K1, 000 followed by monthly instalments of K300 and to be paying child maintenance fee of K250 per month. Property acquired together would be shared equally.