Reform 2017 budget to benefit ordinary citizens-PAC


THERE is need to make structural reforms to the 2017 budget in such a way that its benefits trickle down to its target groups, says People’s Alliance for Change ( PAC) president Andyford Banda.

In an interview with the Sunday Nation yesterday, Mr Banda said the Government needed to make structural reforms to the 2017 budget if its benefits were to meet its intended target groups.

He observed that previous budgets had not delivered to the expectations of the majority owing to lack of structural reforms which were not in line with what the Government had planned to achieve.

“We want to urge the Government to ensure that there are more structural reforms that should happen so that the benefits of the budget trickle down to the people of Zambia.

“One of the biggest problems with previous budgets has been lack of structural reforms that are in conformity with what they are trying to achieve,” he said.

Mr Banda expressed hope that if structural reforms were undertaken in the implementation of the budget,  most of the good incentives would trickle down to ordinary citizens unlike a situation where year in, year out the budget had failed to meet its objectives.

He said that corruption needed to be fought at all levels as it was a major hindrance to achieving any development in the society.

“Budgets have been presented every year, so what we would like to see is a situation where most objectives have been achieved compared to the previous year. Now for this to happen, there is need for more structural reforms and to fight corruption at all levels as every good plan dies when there is corruption,” he said.