Football House accused of witch-hunting


THE discontinuation of investigations into FAZ vice president Richard Kazalas case by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) clearly shows that there is a lot of witch-hunting by some administrators at the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ),  says councillors on the Copperbelt.

Speaking on behalf of other councillors, FAZ division two side ZANAMA football club secretary Kelvin Chipili said the wrangles at Football House were unfortunate and a source of worry towards the development of football.

He said some officials had concentrated much on fixing each other at the expense of finding solutions to dwindling football standards in Zambia.

Chipili said the suspension of Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale was haphazardly done as procedure was not followed.

He said the development had plunged FAZ into an abyss of confusion, adding that if the stand-off was not quickly resolved, it may degenerate into a big crisis which would be difficult to handle.

“Kazala has been vindicated. This means that some people wanted to fix him for no reason and hurried to take the matter to ACC but since there are no plausible reasons why he should be investigated and charged, he had been freed,” he said

Another councillor Damiano Mutale of Damiano football academy in Mufurila urged FAZ president Andrew Kamanga save his face by resigning on moral grounds if he had failed to run the affairs of football in Zambi.

Mutale said the country was looking for a system that will resuscitate football and not individuals that will spend all their time in their offices fighting perceived enemies as that was detrimental to the development of the sport.

He said it was important for officials who were not able to turn the situation around to step down and allow people who had football acumen and experience to work because Zambians were in dire need of positive results from the teams.

“There is nothing you can do if you have failed to work and so, if Kamanga has failed to run football in the country, let him just step down. We cannot sit idle and watch people  being busy fighting each other when there are serious matters that need urgent attention.