Govt wins kudos over free sanitary pads in schools

KAPOCHE independent politician Yvonne Mwale has commended the PF government for allocating a percentage of sanitary towels to the girls in rural schools. Ms Mwale observed that most girls in rural areas used unhygienic methods during their menstrual periods which in the long run brought about certain diseases. “It’s a good move that Government will be giving free sanitary towels to the girls in schools. It is unfortunate that most of our girls are using items which are unhygienic just because they lack right sanitary towels. So that programme will reduce unwanted diseases among the girls,” she said. Ms Mwale said there was much to be done in education because as the situation stood, education standards in Zambia were still very low especially in rural areas. “The level of illiteracy is extremely high in rural communities which created a lot of challenges. Some of the issues cannot be comprehended by rural people due to low levels of knowledge,” said Ms Mwale. She therefore challenged Members of Parliament to ensure they pushed Government to implement what it promised to the people. She said that Members of Parliament should be wise enough to identify major problems faced by communities and quickly find solutions. She has called on young girls to embrace education because that was key to every destination in life. “I urge our girls to value education because it is everything they want. They should not rush into early marriages. Let them acquire education first and marriage can come later. Let our girls take a step against early pregnancy and early marriages,” said Mwale.