No PF member is more equal than others – Mwila


THE Patriotic Front (PF) will not entertain disgruntled members sowing seeds of despondency in the party by claiming that original and founder member of the governing party are being sidelined in preference for new entrants particularly from the MMD, Davis Mwila has warned.

Mr Mwila has stated that no member of the PF was more equal than the others and that all should be treated equally irrespective of how long they had been in the ruling party.

Mr Mwila said those spreading rumours that there was discontent among senior and founding members were ‘‘nothing but cowards’’ too scared to face the leadership of the party.

Mr Mwila disclosed that he was aware that there had been talk about Agriculture minister Dora Siliya and her counterpart at the Ministry of Local Government, Vincent Mwale, and others but reiterated that it did not matter how long one had served the party but what was important was the numbers the ruling party was attracting.

He said unless those who were complaining came out and confronted the PF secretariat, the party was not going to engage into petty gossip about who was getting jobs and who was being sidelined.

Mr Mwila said the PF was not going to keep its numbers static because some members were disenchanted about who was getting Government jobs but that the ruling party would continue with its recruitment drive because politics was about numbers.

“All members of the PF are equal and no member is going to


be treated special irrespective of how long they have been in the party. The PF and President Edgar Lungu are not going to segregate members and the Head of State has been a proponent of an inclusive Government and we are not going to entertain anyone sowing seeds of despondency in the party by claiming that original and founding members are being sidelined.

‘‘Dora Siliya, Vincent Mwale and others who have made the PF a bigger family are members. In fact, Ms Siliya is serving as Petauke MP on a PF ticket for the second time,” Mr Mwila said.

He advised those aggrieved to either channel their complaints to the appointing authority or to the secretariat because the PF had no intention of closing its doors to new members.

Mr Mwila has challenged those complaining that the PF had been taken over by outsiders to come out in the open if they were genuine instead of peddling lies.

“If I have eight children in a home, you do not expect me to segregate because one child was born earlier than the other. They are all my children and have equal attention from me as the father. So those complaining are cowards but let them know we are not going to treat them special because they have been in the party longer than others,” Mr Mwila said.