Rainbow Party here to stay-Chikwelete


RAINBOW Party is a very big political party which is here to stay and its leadership is quiet because this is not the time to start lamenting about the past election but time for reorganising the party, Robert Chikwelete has said.

Mr Chikwelete, who is Rainbow Party national chairperson, said that Rainbow Party was not a small shop which could easily be shut down but a big political organisation which was not going to be obliterated from the country’s political scene.

He stated that many people were questioning whether the party was still in existence following their continued silence after the last general elections and that soon the Wynter Kabimba-led socialist political party would have its impact on the political affairs of the country.

Mr Chikwelete reiterated that this was not the time to start lamenting about an election which had already passed but to reorganise.

He claimed that the party was now bigger than it was during the election period because of the many people who were joining from other parties.

Mr Chikwelete claimed that the Rainbow Party had welcomed a lot of people from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

“Rainbow Party is not a Ka Ntemba (small shop). It is a big party which is here to stay. We have been quiet because we are reorganising ourselves. We realise this is not the time to start lamenting about the last election. Our party has grown since the elections because more and more people have defected from the UPND and PF to join our party,” he said.

And Mr Chikwelete said that Rainbow Party had performed well in the last general elections because it was still in its infancy at the time the country was going to the general elections.

He claimed that the Rainbow Party was the only political organisation that had taken part in such an election in less than one year of its existence.

“We can boast that we are the only Zambian political party that has participated in an election with only 1 year 8 months in existence,” said Mr Chikwelete.

Mr Chikwelete also said that Rainbow Party was not formed on tribal lines because their votes were evenly spread across the 10 provinces of Zambia.

He explained that the party got results from all the districts in the 10 provinces and that it did not matter which tribal was dominant in an area.

Mr Chikwelete assured that Rainbow party was not going anywhere and that it was growing stronger every day.

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