Stray dogs invade Kabangwe, Chilulu


KABANGWE and Chilulu residents have called on the Lusaka City Council to swiftly kill stray dogs that have continued to attack people in the two townships. Mukuka Kabanshi of Zani Muone area in Kabangwe said there was need for the local authority to educate the general public on the importance of vaccinating dogs and keeping them in confinement before they became a danger to society. Mr Kabanshi said last year the Council embarked on a sensitisation programme for residents on the need to vaccinate and confine their dogs before the killing exercise started. He said a good number of vicious dogs had been seen moving aimlessly in compounds and townships in Kabangwe and surrounding areas. “According to the laws of Zambia CAP 247, the Council is mandated to slaughter any stray dog to safeguard the lives of the public. There have been a lot of stray dogs moving in residential areas, thereby spreading rabies, a killer disease which has claimed many lives,” he said. Mr Kabanshi said the Council must not relent in killing unvaccinated and stray dogs as they were a threat to the lives of citizens and that the exercise should start immediately. He advised residents to confine and take their dogs for vaccination to avoid losing their animals as well as curbing the spread of the disease. Jenala Tembo from Chilulu compound said the dogs were moving around market places, restaurants and bars looking for food and sometimes were found at police stations under impounded vehicles where they sought shelter. She said drunkards have been victims of dog bites, however they don’t seek medical attention because of having been bitten while in a drunken state. She said children and adults were restricted in their movements because dogs were found everywhere. Ms Tembo appealed to residents to take their dogs for vaccination to avoid outbreak of diseases such as rabies. Not all residents agreed. A Garden compound resident Joshua Kasabo appealed to LCC to find another way of executing the law rather than killing stray and unvaccinated dogs in townships. However, LCC public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said the Council would not relent but go flat out culling unvaccinated and all those dogs moving aimlessly in townships and compounds.