Mast a copy and paste of The Post – Musoma


THE agenda pushed by the Mast newspaper is similar to that of the former Post, and it should not be left to drive another malicious agenda, says Zambia Republic Party leader Wright Musoma.

Mr Musoma cautioned that the agenda behind the publication should be stopped before it injured innocent people with questionable and unreliable content.

“If I may ask, who is behind the Mast? Because its content is similar to that of the former Post and as Zambians we have a right to know so that the publication is not just aimed at injuring people,” said Mr Musoma.

The job of the media is to inform and educate people, and not damaging innocent people’s reputation, and this is not what we are expecting from The Mast.”

Mr Musoma said the people of Zambia would rely on the law enforcers, saying the citizens were not interested in a recurrence of what had happened with the previous paper.

He said the appearance of the Mast newspaper on the media market should not be seen as operating in the manner the Post was operating as such would give an impression that the Post was still operational.

Mr Musoma alleged that if the publication of The Mast was not connected to The Post it meant there was a copyright infringement of the Post Newspaper that was now under liquidation.

In the last weeks a number of high-profile people including Andyford Banda and Yotam Mtayachalo have been quoted in the newspaper disparaging government, despite them denying that they had ever spoken to any staff writers.