President Lungu half salary


I  fail to understand why people are doubting the sincerity of President Edgar Lungu who has offered to have his salary reduced. They want a statutory instrument to prove the case. This is really very cynical because the wish to donate does not require legal validation, because it is a voluntary act from the heart. Does the President really have to go and swear on the fulfilment of his expressed public wish. What is wrong with us Zambians that we cannot trust our own president?

William Chanda


Kagem pays casual workers K30 a day


Allow me space in your paper to air my grievances on the pathetic working conditions prevailing at Kagem Mine limited which is the single largest emerald producer. The company pays casual workers K30 per day which translates to K3.00, per hour. Can the Government which owns 25 percent stake in this company do something about our plight? We are promised permanent jobs after six months, only to be replaced by another group. Can the Ministry of Labour look into this issue because we understand Government has banned casualisation?




Kitwe’s Chanda Bridge  funds disappear


His Excellency President Edgar Lungu during his Mukuba Secondary School days used to traverse the Chanda Bridge linking Buchi and Chimwemwe townships. Your Excellency a total sum of K116, 000 CDF funds were released to work on the bridge but nothing has been done but the money has disappeared. Is this the way to spend public resources? Please, stop the rot.



Engage informers to fight  corruption


In view of the deep rooted corruption in Zambia, my contribution is a request for a far-fetching reporting system to involve the grassroots.  People should be given immunity and protection against prosecution if they report corrupt practices by neighbours, friends and even workmates. All reports will be investigated for authenticity. With this system, nobody will feel safe to do wrong since they will not know who will be reporting the other.

Concerned citizen


That article on slavery was great but…


I read your article on slavery with great interest. Can you write a sequel to it and dispute this topical issue of human trafficking which in my view is wrongly being equated to slavery. It is not even one tenth evil and brutal to the slavery of black people it is simply an offspring of bigotry and an act created by white people to hide from publicly fraternising openly with people of colour. I recall how boers discriminated blacks in RSA but travelled to Swaziland to sleep with prostitutes. Same with the Dutch with their red lights districts and the booming prostitution in Thailand. Secondly try to draw parallel with Mugabe’s stand on whites with what Trump is propagating “making USA great again” and yet the international community has not vilified him but condemned Mugabe. You can do better than I have outlined



Clarify Saudi Arabia oil deal


Recently, the Ministry of Energy permanent secretary went to Saudi Arabia to make a follow up on this deal which was initiated by President Lungu. Suddenly, it is quiet.  Has it  been affected by recent plans by Government to withdraw from oil procurement ?

 Chewe, Kapiri Mposhi




Same people in FAZ


I am sick and tired of having the same people in FAZ. This association should change the constitution so that it becomes easier for us, the outsiders, to elect the people of our choice to run FAZ. As at now, it’s only councillors from different clubs who elect FAZ executive. We have seen people who have been in FAZ for years, but they don’t have the heart to take football to another level. They are only interested in enriching themselves by buying expensive cars and dancing around with girlfriends.

Kennedy Munyemesha