THE European Union’s foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, has hailed the historical importance of Castro and said the bloc’s relations with Cuba will continue to improve. Mogherini said Castro was “a man of determination and an historical figure,” adding that his death comes as Cuba faces “great changes” and at times of global uncertainty. EU-Cuba relations were relaunched with an agreement on political dialogue and cooperation last spring. The British foreign office has released a statement from the foreign secretary, Boris

Johnson. The UK expresses its condolences to the government and people of Cuba, and to the former president’s family. Fidel Castro’s death marks the end of an era for Cuba and the start of a new one for Cuba’s people. Fidel Castro’s leadership of the 1959 Cuban Revolution marked him out as an historic if controversial figure. The UK will continue to work with the government of Cuba on a wide range of foreign policy priorities, including on human rights.

The Guardian