Demons influencing women to kill their husbands-pastor


SAD stories of women killing their spouses is a serious spiritual matter that should be quickly addressed, says Sinda District Pastors Fellowship chairperson Sylvia Chitendekelo

In interview with Sunday Nation on Friday, Pastor Chitendekelo said it was unfortunate that families failed to discuss marital problems peacefully but resorted to brutal activities.

She observed that the mentality that women had of being weaker vessels, forced them to use dangerous objects as a way of expressing their anger.

“Women are being influenced by bad demons which need to be cast away from them because in most cases demons are aggressive.

“It is sad that God gave us minds and brain to use to resolve things in time of difficulties but people desire to use objects as a way of sorting out problems. We need to resolve the matters wisely and amicably,” said Pastor Chitendekelo.

She also said that some women felt not respected by their spouses and felt they were low vessels who could not be protected, hence taking the law in their own hands.

“The other thing is that these cases are on the rise because women don’t feel respected, and feel as low vessels, they can’t be helped, hence they take the law in their hands which is not good,” she said.

The woman of God also noted that certain things raised tempers like poverty, hunger, unemployment and sickness.

“The other reason behind these killings is too much tempers because of problems beyond one’s control. Hunger, poverty, unemployment raise tempers, so you can see that all these are the work of demons that need intervention.

“And, as a Christian nation, I wish to appeal to the Ministry of Religious Affairs to intervene before a lot of lives are lost,” said Pastor Chitendekelo who is also Bread of Life pastor.

Meanwhile, Reformed Church in Zambia district moderator Rev. Daniel Shamvu expressed disappointment that relevant authorities were so quiet when a crime was being committed by a female unlike when it was a man behind GBV.

“The situation isn’t pleasing to see that the nation keeps on losing men at the hands of females and there isn’t much commitment to ensure men are protected. “It’s surprising that if the culprit was a man, you would have seen measures taken right away but because its females, the law is quiet. All you hear are sympathisers. If we are to follow gender, we are equal, meaning measures that can be taken on a man should be taken on a female too,” he stated.  Rev. Shamvu, who is Sinda District Council Chaplin, advised men and women to resolve their misunderstandings amicably failure to which would result in many deaths, particularly of men.

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  1. Agreed but govt laws have made some women as a route mass personal wealth fast they kill 40% hers,20% children, total 60% her.most of those who die not share any property but leave it for children and no selling without court notice.remaining spouse free to stay but disqualified upon marrying to another person and can be arrest if found

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