Japan to implement more electricity projects in Zambia 

THE Japanese government will continue to consider and implement more projects in transportation and electricity sectors, Japanese ambassador to Zambia Hidenobu Sobahsima has said.

And Minister of Works and Supply Mathews Nkhuwa has called upon Japanese investors to take advantage of the enabling business environment in Zambia to invest in key areas such as agriculture, tourism, mining and manufacturing sector.

And Mr Sobahsima said the Japanese government would prioritise its Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Zambia in vitalisation of the industries, development of the economic infrastructure and improvement of the social welfare.

Speaking at the reception to celebrate the birthday of the emperor of Japan, Mr Sobahsima said at his residence that in relation to the improvement of the social infrastructure, the Japanese government would cooperate in the fields of water, health, education, sports and culture.

Mr Sobahsima said under the vitalisation of the industries development of agriculture should receive a central focus.

“Japanese cooperation in this regard is underway by implementing the rice dissemination project, and the irrigation project for small famers, utilising its experience and technology, among other cooperation,” he said.

The Ambassador also announced that a delegation from Japan to prepare for the Zambia-Japan Public Private Conference for high quality infrastructure to be held in January next year had arrived and was currently in Zambia.

And Mr Nkhuwa said Zambia remains steadfastly grateful to the Japanese government for the economic and technical support Zambia had been receiving in key areas such as agriculture, education, transport and the health sector among others.

“Government acknowledges with gratitude, the valuable support and assistance Japan continues to render to Zambia which has supplemented government’s efforts to foster economic growth and development and ultimately improving the living standards of the Zambian people,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa further encouraged the investors to foster closer partnerships with their Zambian counterparts as the interaction would strengthen the trade links between the two countries for mutual benefits.