Man dragged to court for non-payment of dowry


A 24-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka has been dragged to a local court by his father-in law for not paying dowry.

This is in a case in which Lishomwa Liswaniso, 65, of Kanyama compound sued Mundiya Kalunga of the same compound seeking to be paid dowry after he married his daughter.

Liswaniso told Senior Court Magistrate Abbyshine Michelo sitting with Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that Kalunga was his son in-law because he married his daughter, Manyando in 2014.

He charged Kalunga K2, 700 but he only paid K800 and that he had a balance of K1, 900 which he has not settled since January.

In defence, Kalunga said that Liswaniso was not his father in-law because he divorced his daughter in March 2016 in the same court.

He explained that he delayed to pay the balance because he was also paying compensation for Liswaniso’s daughter and that he was out of employment.

Kalunga promised to start paying Liswaniso this month end because he was now in gainful employment.

Magistrate Michelo ordered Kalunga to pay the balance by monthly instalments of K250.