Pastor tells wife to sit in water whenever she is sexually excited


A PREGNANT woman narrated before a Local Court in Lusaka that whenever she asks for sex from her husband he tells her to sit in cold water.

Dainess Katongo, 37, said because of being pregnant she was always ‘hot’ and wanted her husband to make love to her.

“But my husband tells me to sit in water each time I feel sexy and that if I insist that he makes love to me, he inserts his  finger into my private parts,” said Katongo.

This is in a case in which Katongo of Makeni Villa compound sued her husband, David Mbasela, 55, a pastor of Living Sword Ministry for reconciliation.

The two got married in July 2016 and do not have children.

Katongo told Senior Court Magistrate Abbyshine Michelo sitting with Magistrate Lewis Mumba at Kanyama Local Court that Mbasela accused her of mistreating his children from his first marriage, adding that sometimes he beat her.

She explained that Mbasela came home late and went straight to bed, adding that her husband had stopped taking meals from home.

Katongo further told the court that Mbasela stopped making love to her and refused to shave her pubic hair and that when she told him that she was hot because she was pregnant, he always told her to sit in cold water.

When she insisted to have sex with her husband, he used his finger to make love to her.

“It seems Mbasela wants to bring back his former wife because I found them together in his office,” said Katongo.

In defence, Mbasela said that after he divorced his wife in June 2016, he married Katongo but problems started in September. He slapped her as he was advising her to stop wearing tight skirts.

He explained that every time they differed, Katongo would insult him and referred to his children as street kids.

Mbasela said he stopped eating food at home because of anger and that was also the reason he also stopped making love to Katongo.

He denied refusing to have his pubic hair shaved by Katongo but said that in October he had swollen private parts following the Vaseline she applied after shaving him.

Mbasela denied using fingers to make love to Katongo, but said that he did not have sexual feelings for her because of anger.

Mbasela further said that his former wife came to get compensation for divorce when Katongo found them.

Magistrate Michelo wondered how Mbasela as a man of God advised church members when he failed to stay with his wife in just three months.

He ruled a failed reconciliation.

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