Do not privatize parastatals


I write to express my views over the announcement by government to review the performance of government=owned firms such as ZAMTEL, INDENI, ZNBS and ZSIC. I feel this is a pre-sale stance which should be rejected by all Zambians. In all past sales of state owned properties, the Zambians are the ones who lose. Politicians and businessmen power their pockets by conniving with buyers. When these assets become foreign owned, they will not benefit the economy as there will be an increase in profit flights as has been seen in the mining sector. I feel a law should be passed that will deter political interference in the management of these entities.

Chitamuka Joel, Samfya



Sell non performing public companies


I fully support Government effort to sell non performing Government companies because they are a drain on national resources. Zambians should not be asked to dig in their pockets in order to support companies that are badly done. There is no pride whatever in owning loss making institutions. It is better they are sold to private individuals who will turn them round to make a profit.

Eward Mwaango



Sad story of woman who gave birth at UTH reception


I wish to express my sadness over the story of a woman who gave birth at UTH reception. The minister of health or UTH management should discipline the nurses who were on duty on that particular day. Blasting them is not enough because they will still do it knowing nothing will be done afterwards.

Lee, Lusaka



Matero’s Commonwealth Road


It was a very prolific move by the government to widen Commonwealth Road to ease the flow of traffic but the question is, are human lives safe? On Saturday night as I was driving on this road to Lilanda, I nearly hit two pedestrians. Thank God it didn’t happen! I appeal to Lusaka City Council or RDA to intervene to ensure that rational decisions are put in place. This will help save lives, both pedestrians and motorists this festive season in Matero.

God bless Matero,

Darlington Mukupa, Matero



Viva President Lungu!


Allow me to express my confidence and trust in our caring President Lungu for cutting his monthly salary by half to channel it to other needs. This is a true leadership demonstration. I wish ministers and MP’s will follow suit. This demonstration from the President has put to shame his critics. Not long ago he had cut 10 percent off his salary to be channeled to the marketeers. God bless you Mr. President! People like Dr. Nevers Mumba are blind to this reality! A former pastor who cannot see anything good in what President Lungu is doing. Keep it up President Lungu!

Crawford Shimenya




Creation of religious ministry


I wish to express my view on the creation of the religious ministry which has come at a good time to tackle the issue of mushrooming churches in our country. This ministry should quickly move in or rather place certain measures to curb this vice before it becomes worse because it seems like anyone who feels they can interpret the Bible can become an evangelist or form a church overnight. They end up stealing and cheating people, do all sorts of things only to bring disputes in homes. We need to be prayerful!

Nawa, Kafue 



To the president


To His Excellency the President, we are facing a lot challenges with the Bottom Road during rainy season. This road is used for transporting coal from Maamba and fish from Zambezi River.

Brian Sibajene, Maamba



Hear this teaching council


I am appealing to the University of Zambia and Teaching Council to visit Kitwe City College of Education. They allow students to write their final exams and yet they have less than five credits. We are compromising education standards set in Zambia!

Concerned citizenwe

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  1. Public ownership of companies does not inspire innovation,wise stewardship or hardwork which are incentives for development.It only breeds corruption,stagnation,and inefficiency which are very characteristic of all parastastals in this country.

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