Use cultural diversity for development- Chief Chipepo


By Nation Reporter

CHIEF Chipepo of the Tonga-speaking people of Southern Province has called on Zambians to use cultural diversity towards the development of the country.

Chief Chipepo noted that Zambians could take advantage of having various tribes to develop and promote unity in the country instead of causing tribal divisions.

He told the Sunday Nation in an interview that co-existence among people of various tribes, could help Zambians learn from each other’s cultures and traditions, some of which he said were good for national development.

“Zambia is one lucky country; our culture is so rich to an extent of contributing toward the development of the country. Let us learn from one another and use this culture diversity to boost development in the country,” Chief Chipepo said.

The traditional leader also recalled that during the struggle for independence, Zambia’s forefathers took advantage of the varying cultures to promote unity among citizens.

He challenged Zambians to ensure that they promoted peace and unity and showed love towards each other regardless of tribal differences.

Chief Chipepo said it was important that Zambians continued working together and promoting the One Zambia, One Nation motto.

“It high time the Zambian people stood up and denounced issues of tribal differences. Zambia is one and its people are one. Let us all show love and kindness towards each other, we are all one people. What tribe or region one comes from does not matter at all. What matters the most is that we are all Zambians,” he said.